Players may sign in each day to collect Diamond rewards on a seven-day cycle. These Diamonds count toward Honor Rank, allowing non-spending players to gain Honor Rank slowly over time.

The reward improves over the course of the week.


Each day, players may complete a variety of tasks to earn up to 85 Diamonds, as well as Gold and Player Experience. They may also collect an additional 200 Diamonds from their Monthly and Premium Cards.

Name Task Diamonds Gold Exp
Stony Gorge Dominator Complete 3 Stony Gorge battles 5
Twilight Forest Dominator Complete 1 Twilight Forest battle 5
Story Clearer Clear 3 Story stages 10
Story Raider Raid 10 Story stages 0
Tavern Regular Purchase once in Tavern 0
Smith Regular Purchase once in Blacksmith 0
Goblin Hunter Defeat 20 goblins in Goblin Hunt 5
Monster Hunter Complete 1 Monster Hunt 5
Bounty Hunter Complete 10 Bounty tasks 5
Trial by Fire Collect a reward in Trials 5
Duelist Complete 5 Duel battles 5
Upgrade Expert Upgrade 1 equipment 0
Friendly Spar Complete a Friend Battle 15
Monthly Card Buy the 280 Diamonds package, get 100 Diamonds everyday for 30 days 100 0 0
Premium Card Buy the 600 Diamonds package, get 100 Diamonds everyday forever 100 0 0


Monthly Sign-inEdit

Players may sign in each day to collect rewards on a five-day cycle: Gold, Diamonds, Elixir, Soul Stones, and Items.

The Soul Stone reward is for a specific hero each month.

Month Hero
Nov. 2015
Viola Portrait


Dec. 2015
Viscern Portrait


Jan. 2016
Tai Portrait


Feb. 2016
Cerberus Portrait


Mar. 2016
Umbralu Portrait


Apr. 2016
Selene Portrait


May 2016
Esther Portrait


June 2016
Beau Portrait


The reward improves over the course of the month. If you miss a day, you can spend Diamonds to purchase a sign-in and claim better rewards!

Treasure QuestEdit

Players can purchase the Monthly and Premium Cards here. The Monthly Card immediately rewards 280 Diamonds and another 100 each day for 30 days. The Premium card immediately rewards 600 Diamonds and another 100 diamonds each day forever. The Monthly Card costs USD $4.99 and the Premium Card costs USD $9.99.

Midas TouchEdit

Players can turn Diamonds into Gold using this feature. There is also a chance to double or triple the amount of Gold generated. The Diamond cost to use this feature increases with each use and resets at the end of the day.

Master WukongEdit

Players can earn Wukong, who begins at 4 stars. He also comes with Gold and 2 Rare items.

Honor SupplyEdit

Each week, players can purchase three gift bundles: Epic Supply, Gold Supply, Gem Supply. The quality of each bundle's contents improves with Honor Rank.

Depending on Honor Rank: Rare/Epic/Mythic Supply contains Gold, Soul Essence, and Rare/Epic/Mythic Gems; Gold Supply contains Gold; and Gem Supply contains Rare/Epic/Mythic Gems.

Level RewardEdit

At player levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60, players may collect a special, one-time reward. At levels 10-30, the player may collect Gold, Diamonds, and Fine or Rare items. At levels 40-60, the player may also collect Soul Stones for Oni (up to a total of 180 by level 60).

Invite FriendsEdit

Players may collect 10000 Gold, 100 Diamonds, 5 Rare Elixir, and Shamanic Mask for inviting a friend to play Eternal Arena via Facebook.