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Eternal Arena is a fast-paced Action RPG with over 40 playable heroes and a number of different game modes, including an expansive single-player Story and PvP. You can also battle your friends and nearby opponents in the Arena!
Eternal Arena is developed and published by NetEase Games.

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In the beginning, the Dark Lord Padrino waged war against the God of Gods. Marshaling his forces of Demons and Orcs, Padrino commanded them to march upon the Humans, Elves, and Dwarves in an attempt to wipe them out. Battles raged and many lives were lost before the God of Gods was able to lure Padrino into a trap, defeating him and devastating his allies. At the very moment when Padrino was about to be destroyed, Almark the God of Nature entrapped Padrino in the Black Gate, placing him under the watchful eyes of the Sea People.

Aeons passed, and the Gods gradually grew more distant from mortal lands. Padrino bid his time carefully showing no signs of his plans, until he saw the perfect opportunity to escape. Sensing the Sea People’s attention was diverted with happenings in their lands he burst forth from his prison and rejoined his allies the Orcs. Rallying their warlike forces, and bringing the feral Centaurs and other fell beasts into an unholy alliance, Padrino’s armies once again laid waste to the civilized peoples.

Through heroic sacrifice and the bravery of many fallen soldiers, the advance of Padrino’s forces was halted, both by the Dwarves at Hurricane’s End and by the forces of the city of Lacto Polis at the edge of the Twilight Forest. While his armies cannot advance farther yet, they are by no means defeated and continue to build in strength until they can burst through the defenses set against them. Meanwhile the Barbarians in the north hold meetings to decide their allegiances, and the tribes of the Pontos Badlands remain quiet… perhaps too quiet.

Will a hero rise to lead the free peoples of Etryna in the battle to defeat Padrino? Who is the mysterious Lantern Bearer, and what is it they seek? Could it be YOU?

Monto Portrait.png
Mog Portrait.png
Sargon Portrait.png
Thanatos Portrait.png
Rhagavar Portrait.png
Gorestomp Portrait.png
Loshod Portrait.png
Krash Portrait.png
Monto Mog Sargon Thanatos Rhagavar Gorestomp Loshod Krash
Thrym Portrait.png
Rurik Portrait.png
Thrym Rurik
Wukong Portrait.png
Hibernus Portrait.png
Bane Portrait.png
Neptide Portrait.png
Raijin Portrait.png
Kraken Portrait.png
Reinhardt Portrait.png
Hematok Portrait.png
Wukong Hibernus Bane Neptide Raijin Kraken Reinhardt Hematok
Rasha Portrait.png
Viscern Portrait.png
Oni Portrait.png
Vanessa Portrait.png
Cerberus Portrait.png
Beau Portrait.png
Mugen Portrait.png
Xah'bbah Portrait.png
Rasha Viscern Oni Vanessa Cerberus Beau Mugen Xah'bbah
Agony Portrait.png
Slim Jack Portrait.png
Ingvar Portrait.png
Yasha Portrait.png
Agony Slim Jack Ingvar Yasha
Lumenor Portrait.png
Tai Portrait.png
Oleg Portrait.png
Charon Portrait.png
Talina Portrait.png
Ashley Portrait.png
Flora Portrait.png
Umbralu Portrait.png
Lumenor Tai Oleg Charon Talina Ashley Flora Umbralu
Kon-Kon Portrait.png
Selene Portrait.png
Anya Portrait.png
Kon-Kon Selene Anya
Sylvia Portrait.png
Ariadne Portrait.png
Harkness Portrait.png
Viola Portrait.png
Esther Portrait.png
Cedelyon Portrait.png
Omaeus Portrait.png
Kagemasa Portrait.png
Sylvia Ariadne Harkness Viola Esther Cedelyon Omaeus Kagemasa

Featured Article
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New Hero - Yasha, The Coldest Soul! is a Warrior that belongs to the Dark faction.